Subject Gelezen: Hooge Broep door Artikel 12
From: Laan-van de Witte, J.G. van der (Hof Arnhem-Leeuwarden) <>
Date 2019-07-23 08:41
Priority Highest

Poet and angel
The poet and angel were friends.
Angel Pari gave the poet and poet poem to the angel,
The poet hung an angel into his office and his poetry smelled the sky. The angel poet murmured the poet, and his mouth tasting love.

God said, it's over ... It's harder for both of you to live longer, a poet who hears the smell of the sky, the land is small for him, and the angel who loves the tastes of love,
the sky is small to him.

The angel took the poet's hand to show him the paths of the sky, and the poet took the angel's wings to bring him down the little streets of the earth.
At night, both of them returned on the wings of the angel, somewhat of a soil, and on the shoulder of a few poets filled.

The angel before the poet came and said: I want to fall in love.
The poet said: "You are not an angel and love is not your job."
The angel insisted and insisted.
The poet: But before the love has to be rebuked, and if so, they will eman from paradise, have you forgotten the destiny of humankind?

But the angel stood still, so much so that the poet gave him the banned tree.
The angel went and ate it from the fruit, but his feathers were poured and regretted.
Then he went to God and said: "God forgive me, I have oppressed myself, I have rebelled and fallen in love, will you now escape me from heaven?

And then God opened the ninth in heaven, the angel entered and saw the poet sitting there, falling in the mourning of the eight heavens and suffering ...
Angel told her the truth, but she did not believe ...
People do not believe one story, only that angel knows where the true heaven is.

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