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Leeuwarden the Netherlands 17-01-2019
 Climate conference of Paris, United Nations Climate Change Conference

Mr Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Greetings from the Netherlands,
Our Politieke Partij van Aansteker has a question from Governments of Canada as you are right
person to answer it please.
Climate conference of Paris 2015
The conference meant that the cost of this transformation should be paid by the people of the planet, and energy companies  And governments are exempted from these costs?
Did you know the Netherlands Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte One of the supporters of this project is?
Did you know Netherlands Poor People since 01-01-2019 strat to paying this costs by an increase in extraction tax energy by Government of Mr.Mark Rutte,
Royal Dutch Shell companies and other are exempted from this paying cost.
These companies can continue to scold their shareholders without worrying about Future profits and are looking forward to becoming more expensive in global markets.

How poor and middle class people can spend more on energy consumption because companies and governments are exempt from these costs

This is the a case, the violation of the Rich to poor people is not a good things

I'm waiting for your answer,

With Best Wishing from Leeuwarden
Shahin Eslamdoust
Chairman Political Party of Aansteker


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